Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Prices: Is It Worth It?

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process of ultrasonic blind cleaning

As the office manager at Crest Financial, one of Janet's responsibilities is overseeing maintenance of their downtown high rise office. While tidying up the conference rooms, she noticed the horizontal blinds were looking dusty and grimy.

"These definitely need a deep clean," Janet thought. "But what's the most efficient way to clean blinds for an entire office tower?"

After doing some research, she learned about ultrasonic blind cleaning services. Intrigued, Janet called around to get quotes on having their hundreds of blinds professionally cleaned.

Average Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Prices

Ultrasonic blind cleaning typically costs:

Customer Type Price Per Unit
Small office or home $20 - $50
Mid-size office (100+ blinds) $15 - $30
Large commercial building (500+ blinds) $10 - $20

Cleaning is usually billed on a per-blind basis, but some companies charge by the linear foot. On a per-blind basis, expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $30 on average, depending on the type, size and condition of the blinds. Most companies have a minimum charge to come out. By the linear foot, expect to pay $5 to $15.

Compared to manual cleaning or dusting, ultrasonic cleaning is often more affordable especially for large volumes of blinds. The automated process also cleans blinds more thoroughly in a fraction of the time.

ultrasonic blind cleaning

The ultrasonic method is the latest advancement in blind cleaning, and it’s widely regarded as both safe and effective. The process removes dirt, grease, stains, odors and allergens without harsh chemicals or damaging your blinds.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses a combination of sound waves and a gentle cleaning solution. The ultrasonic waves create bubbles to blast away debris. The bubbles travel at high speeds through the water and detergent to create an implosion of sorts that removes dirt.

The tiny size of the bubbles prevents them from damaging the blinds. Some people compare the process to the work that goes into jewelry cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning works for all sorts of types and styles, including venetian blinds, wood and faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, silhouettes, luminettes and more.

It probably goes without saying, but ultrasonic cleaning is not a good investment for vinyl and other low-cost blinds. You’re better off replacing them.

Customer Perspectives: Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Cost Examples

  • "For my small office with about 30 blinds, I paid a local company $300 to come do ultrasonic blind cleaning. At $10 per blind, it was worthwhile to get them all sparking clean."
  • "We hired a blind cleaning service to come clean the blinds in our corporate headquarters. For our 300 floor-to-ceiling blinds, they charged us $2100, which came out to around $7 per blind."
  • "I manage an office building with 500 window blinds. A blind cleaner brought an ultrasonic cleaning truck on-site and professionally cleaned all the blinds for $2500 total, so just $5 per blind. Great value."
  • "I was quoted $1000 by a local blind cleaner to ultrasonically clean all 150 horizontal blinds in my mid-size office. At $6.50 per blind, it was very affordable compared to other options."

Blind Cleaning Service Options

According to Dirty Blinds, most blind cleaning companies "may offer one or more of the following services":

  • "A drop-off service" where customers bring blinds to their location for cleaning.
  • "A pickup and delivery service" where they come remove, clean, and rehang blinds.
  • "On-site mobile trailer or truck cleaning" where a truck comes to clean blinds on-location.
  • "Blind cleaning machine" brought into buildings to clean blinds on-site.
  • "On-site mobile blind cleaning trailer service" that is self-contained for on-location cleaning.
  • "Restaurant cleaning on-site with the use of our Dirty Blinds mobile trailers."

dirty blinds

Tips for Hiring an Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Company

Although ultrasonic blind cleaning is relatively new, there are plenty of experienced and reputable companies out there. It’s important to find one.

  • Consult your manufacturer or the department store where you purchased the blinds. They usually have a list of trusted and approved local cleaners.
  • Even if the cleaner comes recommend, do some background research on the company. Do they have bad reviews online or with the Better Business Bureau? One bad review may be a fluke, but a ton of them probably is not.
  • Understand the pricing upfront. Ask for a quote in writing so that the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay. Also, keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to get several quotes before you select a company.

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Use our free request for quote tool and get price quotes from multiple stone restoration Pros in your area. There are no obligations to hire and we won't ask for your credit card information.

Get Bids From Blind Cleaning Pros Near You

Use our free request for quote tool and get price quotes from multiple stone restoration Pros in your area. There are no obligations to hire and we won't ask for your credit card information.

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