Cleaning Your Ceilings and Walls - How to Remove Stains

Over time, dirt and residue build up on your walls and ceilings, giving your home a dingy feel. A deep cleaning every couple years should be a routine part of home maintenance, but the task is difficult and time consuming.

Hiring a ceiling and wall cleaning service is a great way to clean and brighten up your home. It's cheaper than repainting and you're not just covering up dirt; you're getting rid of it for good.

About Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Services

A professional ceiling and wall cleaning will completely remove dirt and odors. The process erases tough stains such as nicotine, soot, grease and mildew. It will also remove the dirt you can't see, such as buildup from bacteria and microorganisms. Your home will look cleaner and the air you breathe will be healthier.

Many types of companies offer ceiling and wall cleaning services, from housekeeping services, to carpet cleaners, to cleanup and restoration franchises. It really doesn't matter what type of service you choose, as long as the company has a good track record. Ask for references and check the company's rating with consumer organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Costs

Ceiling and wall cleaning services usually charge $25 to $35 per hour, which works out to $200 to $280 per day. Cleaning all of the walls and ceilings in the average 2,000-square-foot home usually takes about two days.

Tips and Advice

  • Ask questions - Find out who's in charge of moving furniture and wall hangings. Ask if employees of the cleaning service receive criminal background checks. Find out what kind of chemicals are used and if they present any dangers. The more informed you are, the better the experience will be.
  • Shop around - Get quotes from multiple cleaning services to find not only the best price, but the service that seems the most experienced and professional.
  • Get a written estimate - Before you agree to any service, request a written estimate. This helps ensure that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. Look over the estimate to make sure it includes everything.
  • Request proof of insurance - Accidents are rare, but they do happen. Make sure the company has a policy that covers property damage.

Author: Ashley Smith

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