Learn About Starting a Coverall Cleaning Service Franchise

A commercial cleaning franchise is a wise investment. Even in a weak economy, businesses always need their facilities cleaned. Very few companies handle all of their cleaning tasks in-house.

Coverall is a health-based commercial cleaning franchise with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. The franchise is ideal for first-time entrepreneurs: The initial investment is low and no commercial cleaning experience is required.

About Coverall Cleaning Service

Coverall got its start in 1985 in San Diego with three employees. Today, the company has grown to more than 90 support centers and 9,000 franchise owners worldwide.

Coverall serves all types of businesses, from general offices, to fitness centers, to daycare facilities. Also included among the company's more than 5,000 customers are manufacturing plants, retail stores, restaurants, government agencies and airports. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Coverall for their commercial cleaning.

Coverall offers franchisees a great amount of flexibility. You can launch a franchise with only one or two accounts and then slowly ramp up the customer base as your schedule allows. The company also allows franchises to be home-based.

Coverall's Health-Based Cleaning

American companies lose billions of dollars worth of productivity each year due to sick employees. Traditional janitorial services can make an office look pretty, but they don't always kill the germs that spread illness and disease.

Coverall franchises rely on scientific cleaning processes and procedures to kill germs, reduce the spread of disease and prevent cross-contamination. They use EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants, and they avoid cleaning tools that spread germs around, such as string mops and upright vacuums.

Cost of Starting a Coverall Cleaning Service Franchise

According to Entrepreneur.com, the total investment required to start a Coverall cleaning franchise starts at nearly $11,000 and caps out at less than $40,000. The franchise fee is $10,000 to $32,200, and royalty fees are 5 percent of gross revenues.

Coverall offers low downpayment, financing and cash flow protection. The company's financing can cover the cost of the initial franchise fee, equipment, purchasing additional business and supplies.

Coverall Cleaning Service Training and Support

Coverall offers a comprehensive training on all aspects of the commercial cleaning business, including business development, finance and operations. The training program is designed so that franchisees with little or no commercial cleaning experience can succeed.

The training program includes 10 sessions. Most franchisees take two classes per week, but the schedule can be adjusted to meet your needs. The program includes online training modules, training manuals and webinars.

Author: Ashley Smith

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