Retail Store Cleaning: Should I Hire a Retail Cleaning Company, or Ask My Employees to Clean It?

Shoppers have a Top 3 List when deciding where to shop: Price, Selection, and Cleanliness.

Today's shoppers have more options than ever before, which means you can't afford to drop the ball on any of those items. Most retail operators understand what their customers are looking for as regards price and selection. Do you know what they expect as far as cleanliness is concerned? What's the best way to meet that goal, with your in-house employees, or through outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company?

What Does Cleanliness Mean to Your Customers?

Respondents to an Entrepreneur survey shared some surprising thoughts on the importance of cleanliness. Specifically, hygiene was not their number one concern. Instead, they expressed their thoughts on how a clean store makes them feel.

Shoppers say they feel safer in a clean facility. They also feel like it's less like theft occurs in a clean store. They have more confidence in the store and its staff, and feel as though the brand cares more about them. The result is a more pleasant shopping experience, and a higher level of shopper loyalty.

So, how exactly do your customers define "clean?" They look for five metrics:

  • Are the product displays neat and orderly?
  • Are the restrooms clean and fully stocked?
  • Does it have good lighting?
  • Does it smell clean?
  • Is the checkout area clean?

If you can meet each of those metrics, you are on your way to giving your buyers the shopping experience they desire.

The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

You have a number of factors to consider when deciding between in-house cleaning and outsourcing these tasks.

Cost, of course, is the top concern when making this decision. You must consider the full cost, however, of in-house cleaning. In addition to the salary paid your employees, you must include the price of benefits, workers' compensation insurance in the event of accidents or injuries, and the overhead costs of cleaning supplies and equipment. When hiring a commercial cleaner, all of these costs are absorbed by the vendor as part of your contract.

You should also look at the efficiency of in-house versus outsourcing. Professional cleaners have the training and equipment necessary to do quality work. Finally, outsourcing allows your employees to focus on the jobs they were hired to perform.

The Average Cost of a Commercial Cleaner

Costs to hire a professional cleaning company vary widely, based mainly on the size of your facility, your geographical location, and your unique cleaning needs. Cleaning companies generally charge either an hourly or a per square foot rate. Some impose a flat fee, but even this is usually based on the property's size. In addition, they typically charge higher rates for deep cleaning tasks like restrooms, floor polishing, and window cleaning.

Hourly rates range between $20 and $50 per hour. Charges per square foot range between $0.05 and $0.20. Add around 25 percent to these amounts for heavy duty cleaning.

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