How Much Does Merry Maids Charge for House Cleaning Services?

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Average Pricing for Merry Maids Cleaning

Cleaning Service Type Price Range Details
One-Time Cleaning $100 - $300+ For a single cleaning session; price varies based on home size and cleaning level.
Regular Cleaning $80 - $150+ Includes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings; price varies by frequency and home size.
Deep Cleaning $150 - $400+ Intensive cleaning with a higher cost; price varies by home size and cleaning needs.
Additional Services Starting at $25+ Oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning, and more; prices vary by service.
Customized Cleaning Custom Quote Tailored to your specific cleaning needs and preferences; contact Merry Maids for details.

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Customer Perspectives: Real Life Merry Maids Costs

"I have Merry Maids come clean my 1,500 sq ft home every other week. It's $130 per visit including all supplies and taxes. For biweekly service it comes out to $260 per month total."

"We hired Merry Maids to deep clean our 2,000 sq ft house before we moved in. It was a one-time 5 hour extensive cleaning that cost $289."

"I'm on a budget so I only do a basic 2 hour cleaning from Merry Maids once a month. For my small 1,200 sq ft apartment it's $149 each visit, so around $150 per month."

"Merry Maids charges by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. My large 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house costs $180 for a standard 3 hour cleaning every week. So it totals around $720 per month."

"I really just need major help with my kitchen and bathrooms. I pay Merry Maids $110 to come deep clean those rooms twice a month. It's perfect for my needs and budget."

Kristin - A Merry Maids Cleaner

Thoughts From a Merry Maids Employee

Kristin, a home cleaner with Merry Maids, has significant experience keeping clients' houses spotless and sanitized. She explains that her routine cleaning service includes both weekly and monthly tasks.

"During my regular weekly or biweekly cleanings, I make sure to vacuum all carpets, wipe down surfaces, clean mirrors and fixtures, sanitize bathrooms and take out trash," Kristin states. This keeps the home tidy in high traffic areas.

On a monthly basis, she does more extensive cleaning:

"I do more extensive cleaning like changing bed linens, washing floors, cleaning inside appliances and dusting furniture." Kristin finds this monthly deep clean essential to keeping the whole home fresh.

According to Kristin, "My goal with each cleaning is to tidy the whole home so it's fresh, sanitized and welcoming for my clients." She customizes cleaning plans based on each client's house size and unique needs.

With her regular cleaning service, Kristin makes sure every part of the home gets the attention needed - from quick cleans of high-traffic areas to periodic deep cleaning. Her expertise helps Merry Maids deliver a consistently spotless clean.

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