How Much Does it Cost to Hire JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems?

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Keeping your office or facility clean is about more than aesthetics; it's also about protecting the health and safety of your employees, clients, and visitors. Of course, most organizations' cleaning needs don't require employing a full-time cleaning staff (and all the expense and headaches that entails). Outsourcing your janitorial functions is much simpler. That's where commercial cleaning services come in, and JAN-PRO is one of the most well-known names in janitorial services.

JAN-PRO's commercial cleaning services include in-depth training for employees, the ability to clean a variety of industries, green cleaning options for eco-conscious companies, and packages to fit any budget and cleaning requirements. JAN-PRO has over 90 franchises with locations across North America.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring JAN-PRO?

JAN-PRO offers a variety of cleaning and janitorial services across the United States. Light cleaning includes vacuuming, trash removal, and dusting, but the company also provides more in-depth cleaning options, including carpet care and window washing. The company uses eco-friendly cleaners that kill harmful bacteria and germs without endangering the health of your employees, visitors, or clients.

With locations in nearly every state in America, JAN-PRO offers easy access to qualified, experienced cleaners. And, with 20-plus years in the cleaning business, they have the training and processes to do the job right. Their customer service representatives are available via phone and email, and the company's website provides a variety of resources, including reviews and a complete description of the services they provide.

What Industries Does JAN-PRO Service?

JAN-PRO provides commercial cleaning services to a variety of industries, including:

  • Auto dealerships: Showrooms and windows are of tantamount importance to most auto dealerships and JAN-PRO offers interior window cleaning as well as flooring maintenance (carpets, concrete, vinyl, marble, and more). They also offer bathroom cleaning services to ensure your clients receive a great impression.
  • Business offices: Office cleaning services include break rooms, sanitizing restrooms, cleaning floors (both carpeting and hard flooring), and improved indoor air quality.
  • Daycare centers and preschools: These facilities require sanitizing methods that eliminate bacteria and other pathogens that are dangerous to children. At the same time, the cleaning products must be safe for your young students. JAN-PRO's eco-friendly products accomplish both.
  • Financial institutions: JAN-PRO ensures your onsite security and management knows where their staff is working at all times. They also use cleaning materials that are safe for sensitive areas, such as ATMs, yet are still powerful disinfectants.
  • Fitness centers: Focus when cleaning these facilities is on changing rooms, equipment, and bathrooms, although JAN-PRO's cleaners also have the expertise to handle all flooring, including rubber, concrete, and tile.
  • Industrial and manufacturing: JAN-PRO provides industrial cleaning training for all teams working in these facilities, including methods and products that break through the grease and grime common in areas with heavy equipment.
  • Medical centers: Medical facilities have unique cleaning needs, requiring excellent sanitation using products that won't harm patients. JAN-PRO also employs a 50-point checklist when cleaning medical facilities.
  • Restaurants: JAN-PRO's detail-oriented cleaning ensures a spotless restaurant for your diners. They also offer cleaning services in food prep and storage areas. All cleaning staff receives training that ensures your restaurant meets all federal, state, and municipal health regulations.
  • Schools and universities: Like daycare centers and preschools, these facilities require sanitized surfaces using products that are safe for both students and staff.

In addition to the above industries, JAN-PRO provides commercial cleaning services to government offices, property management groups, religious facilities, retail spaces, and more.

How Much Does JAN-PRO Cost?

Pricing for JAN-PRO's cleaning services vary depending on the level of cleaning services you require and the size of the area to be cleaned. Without knowing your exact cleaning needs, it's difficult to make an accurate estimate, but there are some standard guidelines that help determine pricing.

Light office cleaning typically includes dusting, vacuuming, and waste removal. Pricing is by square foot, with discounts available for larger facilities. You should expect to pay between $0.10 and $0.15 per square foot for a smaller office (around 10,000 feet) but only between $0.05 and $0.10 per square foot for larger spaces. Pricing for more in-depth services, such as window cleaning, carpet extraction, and hard flooring maintenance, come at a higher rate, typically between $0.15 and $0.25 per square foot.

On average, smaller offices pay around $600 per month for basic cleaning services. Larger offices pay between $3,000 and $5,000 per month. Much depends on your particular industry, the cleaning services you require, and the size of your facility.


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