Learn About Starting a Jan Pro Cleaning Service Franchise

Jan-Pro is one of the most recognized names in commercial cleaning. The eco-friendly franchise has a proven track record of success, with more than 10,000 franchises across the country and more than $175 million in sales.

Despite that success, buying a Jan-Pro franchise remains affordable, even for first-time entrepreneurs on a limited budget.

About Jan-Pro Cleaning Service Franchises

Jan-Pro has grown rapidly since its inception in 1995. The company prides itself on bringing science to the art of cleaning and disinfecting. Franchisees undergo rigorous training and are expected to adhere to strict quality control standards.

Jan-Pro consistently ranks high in Entrepreneur Magazine's list of top commercial cleaning franchises, earning the top spot as recently as 2010. In 2011, Jan-Pro earned the No. 11 spot on the magazine's list of the top 500 franchises in the nation.

Jan-Pro Franchise Opportunities

With Jan-Pro, there are two types of franchise opportunities: master franchisees and unit franchisees. Master franchisees oversee all of the Jan-Pro franchises in a specific region or metropolitan area. Unit franchisees work under them as owner-operators of a specific franchise.

To become a master franchisee, you must be a seasoned sales/marketing or management executive with liquid assets or an initial investment of $250,000 and a willingness to relocate. Requirements are far less stringent for owner-operators, however they must complete a rigorous five-week training program.

Cost to Start a Jan-Pro Franchise

Startup costs for owner-operators range from $3,145 to $50,405, according to Entrepreneur.com. The royalty fee, due monthly, is 10 percent of gross billings for the prior month and the management fee is 5 percent of gross billings for the prior month.

Jan-Pro also charges a number of other smaller fees, including advertising contributions, complaint fees, replacement manager training fees, and so on. Ask for a copy of all fees and review it carefully before signing a franchise agreement.

Jan-Pro offers financing for a portion of the initial franchise fee and the sales and marketing fee. Financing is also available for equipment leases. However, franchisees must qualify in order to get financing.

Author: Ashley Smith

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