A Guide to Chimney Sweeping: Costs, Benefits and Find Out If Your Chimney Needs Cleaning

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When you burn wood in your fireplace or woodstove, it leaves behind ash and carbon residue (creosote) that needs to be cleaned out.

You may need to have this service performed every year if you use your fireplace often (four or more times per week), or even twice a year if you burn green wood.

If you only use your fireplace once or twice a week in the winter, you may be able to go two or three years without having it done.

Foregoing a chimney cleaning altogether, however, is simply not an option.

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Summary: Chimney Sweep Average Costs

The average cost to have your chimney sweep is $250.

  • Chimney cleaning costs range between $150 to $300.
  • A chimney inspection, an assessment of how close you are to needing a cleaning and whether your chimney needs repairs, might cost $45 to $85.
  • While most new chimneys have a chimney liner, a surface made from metal, tile, or cement that provides extra protection against chimney fires, if you don't have one, or the existing liner needs to be replaced, this could cost as much as $2,000 or more.
  • A new chimney cap, placed on top of a chimney to keep animals and debris from entering, might cost $150 to $300.

Customer Perspectives: Real Chimney Cleaning Cost Examples

I have my small two-story suburban home's brick chimney cleaned every year before winter. My chosen pro chimney sweep company charges $225 each year for the inspection and cleaning." - Amanda T.
"We use the fireplace very heavily in our large ranch style home, so I get the chimney cleaned mid-winter as well. With the extra soot buildup, my chimney pro charges $300 for the two annual cleanings." - Michael S.
"I purchased a home with an old stone chimney that hadn't been cleaned in years. The amount of built up creosote was crazy. A chimney specialist did a deep cleaning and even had to do some re-pointing of the masonry, which cost $750 total." - Steve W.
"The chimney on our commercial building had never been maintained. A chimney company did a full inspection and cleaning of the interior flue and exterior brickwork. We paid $1,500 for all the challenging effort required." - Carla J.

As shown, standard chimney cleanings typically range $200 - $300 depending on height, buildup and local rates. Neglected chimneys or extensive repairs adds costs quickly.

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Average Chimney Sweep Prices By Location (Updated for 2024):

City or State Zip Code Average Price Paid
Spokane, WA 99205 $208
Worcester, MA 01604 $443
Syracuse, NY 13210 $203
Albany, NY 12208 $308
Philadelphia, PA 19019 $363
Boise, ID 83709 $254
Grand Rapids, MI 49504 $174

Why You Need to Clean Your Chimney

Protect Your Family:

When creosote buildup exceeds 1/8 inch, it begins to pose serious hazards. Because it is flammable, it presents a risk of fire. And chimney fires aren't ordinary fires. Burning hot and fast, they can quickly spread to the rest of the home.

Creosote blockage additionally reduces the airflow in your chimney, which can cause deadly carbon monoxide to remain in your home. This can also happen if there are chimney leaks.

Save Money:

Preventing chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are reason enough to schedule an appointment with a local chimney sweeper. But if you still aren't convinced, consider that the relatively low cost of a chimney sweep can help keep your heating system operating more efficiently, and therefore cheaply.

A sweep will also identify small issues, such as damaged dampers, broken doors, or masonry cracks, before they require major, and majorly expensive, repairs.

Finally, compared to the cost of a fire-damaged home, the little bit of money you spend on a chimney sweep is a real bargain.


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