How Much Does it Cost to Hire Office Pride Cleaning Services?

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About Office Pride Commercial Cleaning

If your company isn't large enough to justify maintaining a full-time janitorial team, hiring a commercial cleaning service is usually the most cost-effective option. A sanitary work environment is necessary, but cleaning doesn't directly contribute to the bottom line, so many organizations choose to outsource this function. Office Pride provides janitorial and commercial cleaning services that allow you and your team to focus on building and growing the business.

Office Pride offers a variety of commercial cleaning services, including bathrooms, windows, and floors. In addition to offices, the company's cleaning staff has the training to meet safety guidelines in a variety of industries, including medical facilities, financial institutions, and daycare centers. Their rates vary based on the cleaning area's size and the services you choose. You may choose a basic package that includes trash removal, vacuuming, and dusting, or add deep cleaning services, such as cleaning bathrooms and washing windows, as well as stripping and waxing linoleum floors.

With its 24-hour service, Office Pride lets companies choose the cleaning schedule that works best for them. There are around 75 Office Pride franchises throughout the United States, with the majority of locations in the eastern part of the country.

Services Provided by Office Pride Commercial Cleaners

Office Pride offers a comprehensive list of cleaning services, though they are well-known for their expertise in cleaning flooring. In addition to standard vacuuming services, Office Pride cleans hard flooring as well. This includes stripping, mopping, sealing, and waxing. Their employees receive ample training on how to deep scrub, buff, and refinish linoleum floors, as well as spot removal and color repairs on carpeting. Floor cleaning services also include deodorizing. General cleaning services include emptying wastebaskets, dusting desks and office equipment, cleaning bathrooms, and washing windows and blinds.

Office Pride also provides specialty cleaning services for medical facilities, financial institutions, daycares, schools, and churches.

  • Medical facilities: Staff receive special training to follow cleaning and safety guidelines specific to medical offices. Employees receive Hepatitis B vaccinations, wear gloves, and do not allow trash bags to come into contact with their bodies.
  • Financial institutions: Cleaners receive training on privacy and confidentiality as well as the cleaning of items such as ATMs.
  • Schools and daycares: Training includes focus on sanitizing all surfaces, including doors, desks, and water fountains.

The company also offers green cleaning and recycling, and their support team is available to answer all questions about plans, packages, and pricing.

Scheduling is simple, as Office Pride works around your company's particular needs, and their 24-hour availability makes emergency cleaning no problem. They also help protect your organization's safety by ensuring their cleaners always wear a uniform to make it easier for you to identify unauthorized people in the building.

How Much Does Office Pride Charge?

Pricing varies based on the services selected, as well as the type of cleaning area and square footage. In general, larger areas have a lower per-square-foot rate than smaller areas do, around $0.10 per square foot compared to around $0.15. This typically works out to an hourly rate of around $40 per hour, although both of these rates vary based on the type of work performed, with deep cleaning service costing more than general cleaning. Expect to pay around $0.20 per square foot or $50 per hour.

You may also choose monthly cleaning packages. These rates also vary based on the services and size of the area to be cleaned. Light cleaning – vacuuming, emptying trashcans, and dusting – for a small office, comes in at around $200 per month. More frequent cleaning takes the price to around $700 per month, and large facilities typically pay anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 monthly.

Deep cleaning services that raise your rate include:

  • Stripping, waxing, and polishing floors
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet extracting

Industries with special criteria, such as medical offices and daycare centers, also pay on the higher end of the scale. These industries require extra training for employees. Cleaners must also provide a variety of specialty services, such as hazardous waste disposal, which helps increase the overall cost.

Like most commercial cleaning companies, Office Pride requests clients sign a contract. If you're comparing services, or even if you aren't, make sure the contract includes everything you get for your price quote. Ask for an explanation of any line items you don't understand, and request a clause that allows you to cancel the service without penalty if the company fails to meet your expectations.


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