Signing a Commercial Cleaning Contract? Read This First.

Ready to sign on the dotted line with a commercial cleaning company? Not so fast, my friend. Make sure you've taken these steps to ensure that you're hiring a reputable service at a reasonable rate.

Elements to Include in a Commercial Cleaning Contract

  • Parties Involved:
    • Names and contact information of the cleaning company (service provider) and the client (business or organization).
  • Scope of Work:
    • Specific cleaning services to be provided, including areas to be cleaned and frequency (e.g., daily, weekly).
    • Special services (e.g., carpet cleaning, window washing).
  • Schedule:
    • Cleaning schedule, including days and times of cleaning.
    • Exceptions for holidays or special events.
  • Cleaning Supplies and Equipment:
    • Indication of whether the cleaning company provides supplies and equipment or if the client is responsible for supplying them.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Responsibilities of both parties, including access to premises and safe working conditions.
  • Fees and Payment Terms:
    • Cleaning service fees, total cost, and payment schedule (e.g., monthly, quarterly).
    • Penalties for late payments.
  • Termination and Renewal:
    • Conditions for contract termination and notice periods.
    • Options for contract renewal.
  • Insurance and Liability:
    • Insurance coverage held by the cleaning company and liability limits.
    • Handling of damages or losses.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Methods for ensuring and maintaining cleaning quality, including inspections and feedback mechanisms.
    • Corrective actions for issues.
  • Confidentiality and Security:
    • Requirements for confidentiality and security measures for sensitive areas or information.
  • Safety and Compliance:
    • Compliance with safety regulations, including OSHA standards.
    • Safety procedures for both parties.
  • Indemnification:
    • Responsibilities and legal protections for both parties in disputes, claims, or legal actions.
  • Subcontractors:
    • Disclosure of subcontractor use and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Notices:
    • Methods and timing for formal notices or communications between parties.
  • Signatures and Dates:
    • Spaces for signatures of authorized representatives from both the cleaning company and the client, along with the date of contract execution.
  • Additional Terms and Conditions:
    • Any specific terms, conditions, or clauses relevant to cleaning services and the client's unique needs.
  • Appendices and Attachments:
    • Relevant documents, such as cleaning checklists, safety manuals, or additional service specifications.

Video: Cleaning Service Contract EXPLAINED

This video explains what should be included in a commercial cleaning contract.

Author: Ashley Smith

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